Family Funday! Corin Forest Bobsled

We took the boys out to Corin Forest yesterday to give them a go on the bobsled. Aiden had ridden a smaller one when he was on school camp at Jindabyne so he was all 10 year-old boy bravado, but Shel had never been on one and I had a hard time convincing him that he would enjoy the experience. Mind you I hadn’t been on it since I was at youth group, which was *cough* years ago 🙂 

I ended up talking Shel into going on the sled with me for the first go round, but all the way up the lift he was sobbing his eyes out “I’m going to die, I’m going to die”. For such a tough little guy he really hates taking risks. He made me go super S  L  O  W  on the way down (the things we do for our kids!! I looove going fast!)  all the while interrogating me as to why there were no seatbelts on these things and why weren’t we wearing helmets. te hehehehe By the time we got to the bottom he had calmed down and was ready to have a go by himself…and by the third time he was coming down without using the brakes. 🙂 We figured out that he’s a control freak and coped much better when he was able to be in control of the sled…and no…that does not say anything about my driving! 

Here are some photos….Al’s camera ran out of battery before I could get any shots of him…soz babe.

Aiden, me and Shel ready to roll!

Aiden, me and Shel ready to roll!


Aiden (front) Shel (back)
Shel looking very pleased with himself
Shel looking very pleased with himself

What is your favourite adrenaline rush?


One response to “Family Funday! Corin Forest Bobsled

  1. Cool. Love the photos but where are the action shots?

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