Welcome to My [see-through] life! My name is Michelle George, I’m from Canberra, Australia….and this is my blog! Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll stick around for a bit.

So, what’s this blog all about? Most of the stuff you’ll see on here will be about my life…my family, my passions, what happens in my world and in my head… the good , the bad and the ugly. There’ll be the usual day to day happenings type of stuff, some regular features (you’ll get to know me over time), some posts about things that I am passionate about..there may even be the odd guest post from time to time.

I know what you’re thinking…..why would I want to write about all that stuff and hang it out there for the world to see? That’s an easy question, and I’m glad you asked! 🙂 I am a writer by trade, and I am also a follower of Jesus…BUT…I am not here to get in your face about God-stuff, so don’t tune out. There are more than enough sites out there loaded with words about God, so that’s not what I’m here for… I figure if you don’t know much about God yet you’d rather see first hand whether or not Jesus is relevant in today’s world rather than being Bible bashed. I’m just another messed up person doing life the best I can to live an exciting life based on a bunch of guidelines found in the Bible. Why don’t you come along for the ride and watch how it’s working for me…ask questions…make comments! My in-the-flesh friends tell me I’m a nice person…I’m pretty laid back, and not a lot shocks me, so stick around! Get to know me, and don’t be shy…I’d love to get to know you!

If you already know about God…I’d invite you to stick around too…I am on a quest to move beyond the stereotypical, cookie-cutter, mass produced, fast food style, career-Christian that I seem to have settled into in the last couple of years….I want to be a grass-roots, authentic, real life person and passionate devotee of Jesus…why don’t you join me? Phew! (That was a mouthful!)

In case you’re wondering what I look like…look down there a bit….I hate having my photo taken, so feel privileged 🙂

I had to take the photo myself, hence the arm reaching forward.

Go ahead…introduce yourself!



11 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Hi Michelle, i’m Ed :o)

    YOu already know me coz im on eof your in-the-flesh friends and i wanted to encourage you for the cool new direction of your blog. I’ll be keeping a close eye as i too want to be a grass roots all or nothing, passionate follower of Jesus… after all its the way God intended it ;o)


  2. Hi Mickie

    I am your in-the-flesh mum and I am proud to have that connection with you. Your love for Jesus and your acceptance of me”warts and all” and others, demonstrates to me that your faith is real . Your love for Jesus is winsome, keep going, finish well. Mum

  3. Hey cous!!

    Great new blog! I am so excited for you, Mick, and feel very privileged to be able to peek in! Yes, I am a follower of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and am assured that the faith you and I share is very real! I will be joining you regularly in this new blog! Thanks for the invite!

    Love ya!!

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Sounds good, I love reading good writing, and I expect yours will be great! Not sure about you, but we certainly have fond memories of your time with us at Signature – so long ago now! (a good thing, I think we have learnt and grown a lot since then too!) To catch up on us visit our church web site, we don’t have a blog, but we get a pretty good repsonse to our podcasts (listen/watch) and someone wrote a church history recently which has us in the last few pages! – to find it visit

  5. Hey guys! T.hanks for stopping by.

    @ Chris and Robyn – Signature certainly feels like a lifetime ago! Lots of fond memories, and I credit your training as the birth of my obsession with editing and proofreading and great design. I’ll pop over and check out your podcasts!

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  7. Hi Michelle!
    I just found your blog via facebook, and you made my day, by pointing me to eddy’s blog! I’m totally stoked about that!! I’m a blogger too! And if you care to know, I go to Sandals Church, where Ragamuffin Soul used to be our Worship Leader, and has now moved. I got to spend a couple months at rehearsals with him, and got to sing one night with him, which is my claim to fame. haha not really, but it’s funny to see the links and how people know other people etc. bamboosong.wordpress.com

  8. Welcome Lorijo! 🙂 Glad to have pointed you in Ed’s direction. It’s a small world isn’t it? I’m going to pop over and visit your blog!

  9. Hi! I have been running around your blog and went over to follow you on twitter. I love lay out your here, but I have not visted around much . I’ll be back to check on you from time to time. Know that I am lifting you up to the Father.

  10. Hi Rhonda! Thanks for stopping by! And for the follow on Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you as you have a run around on my blog 🙂

  11. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that
    I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your rss feed and I hope you write once more very soon!

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