Woohooo! I did it!!!!!! (Fit Friday…on Monday)

Wooohoo! Guess what?? Today I hit my fitness goal four months early! Yes! I am so proud of myself!

Ok, so here’s a bit of background…I have been very overweight (borderline obese if you believe those BMI thingys) since my boys were born, and I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride of stupid diets and attempting to lose it for the last nine years. Early last year I hit my highest weight (92kg) and was horrified that I had pretty much doubled my weight on the day I was married.

The dreaded "before" photo...yikes!

The dreaded "before" photo...yikes!

So I started back on the Sureslim program and got motivated to lose a stack of weight because we were taking a family trip to Fiji and I didn’t want Greenpeace to come and haul me back into the water .. te hehehhehe. This year I have taken a different approach, and while I have maintained my weight loss and not really lost any more on the scale, I have changed shape quite a bit (started lifting weights). This year I set a fitness goal rather than a weight loss goal. I decided that I wanted to be able to run 5km without stopping by the end of November 2008. Today I hit that goal! Woohoo!  I ran the bridge to bridge run around Lake Burley Griffin. 

Here I am all sweaty and stinky after my goal breaking run!

Here I am all sweaty and stinky after my goal breaking run!

What’s next? My buddy Rachelle talked me into doing the MS fun run in September…that’s 6.5km around Lake Tuggeranong…so that’s the next fitness goal…but I have a weight-loss goal again now too. In 9 weeks we are off on a road trip to see our families in Queensland (read…lots of hot weather and I’d like to swim without humiliation) …so my goal there is to get under 75kg by the time we leave. I’m at 79.9kg at the moment. So that’s do-able I think.

This post is part of the Ragamuffintop Challenge over at Carlos Whittaker’s blog (fellow worship leader and all round nice guy)…I think he weighs in on a Saturday (US time) ..I usually weigh in on Fridays (yeah I know today is Monday…I’m still figuring out my blogging routine 🙂 )  Why don’t you join me…weigh in via the comments tab…or join the Ragamuffintop mob if you have a blog to link to.

Weigh in here! Let’s encourage each other.


5 responses to “Woohooo! I did it!!!!!! (Fit Friday…on Monday)

  1. You kept that little challenge very quiet…..I’m not going to be able to keep up with you in September. 🙂

  2. Yeah you will…you run faster than I do 😉

  3. Hurrah! I love stories like this! I did something in the same vein; rode my trike 80km in one go. I like how you changed your goal from “lose weight” to “become fit”.

    Keep it up!

  4. Hi Joe Average! Thanks 🙂 Wow…you rode a long way! Well done!

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