Lego creativity for grumpy kids

Please note – the word depicted in this photo is not intended to be offensive to anyone with any kind of disability.

Shel is a creative soul 🙂 He and his big brother Aiden are cranky at me for not letting them spend their pocket money on Lego during term…..we have a rule in our house that they are only allowed to spend it during the school holidays. Shel is the kind of kid that will obsess about something like this and let it fester for a couple of days, and his whole world is black and he storms around sulking and leaving creative little notes like this one. He is trying to get me to hate him….s’not going to work. I tell him that I still love him even though he is being a little snot, and he just cannot understand that at all. He tells me straight up, “But mummy you are supposed to hate me if I’m mean to you.” So I tell him, “No Shel, it doesn’t matter what you do, I’ll still love you.” He doesn’t understand it, but I hope the message gets through.

Shel is a handful at times but I love him to bits. For those of you who read James Dobson’s books, he’s the quintessential strong-willed child, but I believe this kid is going to be a leader one day. He is strong, he is disciplined (with those things he’s passionate about at the moment 🙂 ), he is intelligent, and he is a strategic thinker, and even though he gives me a fair bit of grief, he is the more affectionate of my two boys.

It’s so hard not to laugh out loud when these little gems pop up 🙂

Did you give your oldies a hard time?


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