Totally Random Tuesday #2: I was born in Melbourne

Melbourne at night

Melbourne at night

Didn’t you always want to know that? 🙂 We didn’t stay there for long though. Dad worked as a civil engineer for the state water authority and we moved around country Victoria until I was 13 and dad decided to go to Bible College in Canberra.

Where were you born?


3 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday #2: I was born in Melbourne

  1. I was born in Greensborough, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria! Greensborough is actually where Geoff and I bought our first home, and eventually rebuilt on the same block of land. This home was located just behind the hospital where I was born! We are now renting in outer rural Whittlesea, awaiting our new home to be built in the country! However, Geoff still runs his business from Greensborough, 2 doors down from where I was born!!

  2. So were we born in the same hospital? Sounds like it…how cool is that? 🙂

  3. No way!!!!! Diamond Valley Hospital?? In Grimshaw Street, Greensborough? It is now converted into an old people’s home…..but still has it’s old charm!!

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