Hebrews experiment #2 – Empathy and my crappy week

I’ve had a crappy start to this week. It has just been one of those times where I’d like to crawl under a rock and wait for the storm to pass, yanno? Do you ever have those times? It’s easy to feel alone at times like this. And today I do. I feel alone.

Anyhoo…I was writing out the second half of Hebrews 2 this morning and came to the verses at the end of the chapter that talk about Jesus being sent to earth to live as a man, to suffer and to be tempted as a man so that He can be a merciful and faithful go-between for us when He takes our needs to God. Because He went through it all, that means he understands what we’re going through and so he can help us.

God is amazing at working things out so that we can relate to Jesus using the way he created our brains to work. Translation….some of you have been following my journey to health and skinny-ness with my weekly weigh-ins…I like to watch shows like The Biggest Loser, and I like to get input from people who have been in my situation and who have succeeded in reaching their goals. However, I find myself less inclined to listen to people to want to tell me what to do, but who have never ever been in my situation…they lack credibility to me. (some other people I know, on the other hand, feel the exact opposite…they want to hear fitness and weightloss tips from people who have never succumbed to the lure of the chocolate biscuit). The connection to the Hebrews stuff is that I relate to people who are able to empathise with me. The fact that God sent his son to go through a life that culminated in the ultimate of crappy weeks so that he could empathise with me and my crappy life just blows me away. In fact Jesus went through 33 years worth of life where he was tempted and hated and ridiculed so that he can empathise with us.

So…rubber hitting the road…how did Jesus deal with the rough patches in his earthly life? His first instinct was worship and prayer. That should be my first instinct too when I’m feeling like crawling under a rock and hiding away from the world. I’m not alone…I don’t ever have to feel like I’m alone because Jesus is there….I just need to remember that 😉


3 responses to “Hebrews experiment #2 – Empathy and my crappy week

  1. Hey Michelle! I finally got around to reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    You’re right. Everyone has “crappy weeks”. I have a month-load of it to date (ask Al — he’s heard my whinging). But attitude is everything; and as you mentioned, if you have an amazing role model and the right mindset, then all of it is small stuff. I know I need some quiet time with God at the start of the day, just so that I can recharge and face what’s ahead. It’s tougher in your case with 3 kids in the house (sorry, Al). I know I have to work on it, what with all the morning madness. But it feels as bad as skipping breakfast. And it’s better just to have a small energy bar of prayer than nothing at all!

    Hang in there!


  2. Hi Glen! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Yup… It’s easy to get over-busy in the mornings sometimes…but you’re totally right…the day does go so much better if I have my time with God in the morning…in fact…I think the secret to expanding time is to do that. I always get so much more done then, as opposed to when I fit it in later in the day. LOL Strange 😉

  3. I totally agree with both of you here. I have gone through a very busy few weeks. I had gotten myself into such a good routine….up earlier than the boys, and getting my Bible readings and devotions done while the house is still asleep. But with Geoff’s business getting busyer, and me now doing actual laboratory work for him, I have been so exhausted, and unable to get up in the mornings. Subsequently, I have been suffering spiritually, and not handling situations as well as I should. I was running for cover under that good old rock! But on Monday, it it me what was wrong, and I started to set things right again. I am now MAKING the time for my daily Bible readings, my devotions, and back into studying the book of Ephesians on my own!! And the results? I am feeling so much more satisfied spiritually….so much happier…..and I feel as though I have polished up my ARMOUR, and it is working in scaring off the Devil!! Woo hoo!! Thanks Mick! This was good encouragement for me today!! Yes, amen…..God is soooooo good!!

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