Fit Friday #3

Progress stats:

Weight last week: 79.2kg
Weight this week: 78.6kg
Loss: 0.6kg
Left to goal: 3.7kg
Clicks: 13.25km

Progress shot:

Found the measuring tape:

Boobs: 102cm
Waist: 83cm
Hips: 108cm
Thigh: 66cm
Arm: 31.5cm

I hope I’ll be able to see where it’s coming off when I measure again next week…I sure can’t tell by lookin’ 🙂

Short post today…I have to work today. 😦  I have been running a bit this week…ran the fun run course yesterday without stopping (6.2kms in 43 minutes) ….geriatric slow….but I can only get faster!

Weigh in peoples!


This post is part of the Ragamuffintop Challenge over at Carlos Whittaker’s blog (fellow worship leader and all round nice guy)

4 responses to “Fit Friday #3

  1. Mick, you go girl!! Love you new blog! You have encouraged me to get off the couch and move. Put on quiiiite a few kilos this last 3 months. Summer is approaching and I want to wear some shorts this year. If you can do this so can I!! Now all I have to do is find out how to get rid of my spiders! Codes wants to know why I draw pen on my legs ” E

  2. Hi Liss….LOL @ Cody and your legs…my legs don’t see the light of day…but then I live in the freezing half of the country 🙂
    Yup you can do it! Join me for weigh ins on Friday mornings and we can encourage one another.! Go girl!

  3. Ok, see you friday! E

  4. Hi Mick and Elissa!! You two are doing great, and very encouraging!! Way to go girls!! Michelle, you are looking great!! Hey, where are the pics of the new hair cut??!!


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