What’s the deal??

It is so not fair!!!  The past couple of weeks I have been powering along with my running and feeling great…but the last couple of days my calves have been so sore! To the point where I can barely walk let alone run! It SUCKS! I don’t know if this is normal or if it has to do with what I ate over the weekend, or what! One website said to try cycling…another to rest completely…and yet another to massage with ice (brrrrr). So who knows?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Actually a magic touch would be spectacular (are you allowed to pray for healing for stuff like this??)….I’m supposed to be running with a couple of ladies from work tomorrow morning….who knew physical torture could lead to connecting with a bunch of new friends 🙂

So…what do you do when you legs feel like lead??


3 responses to “What’s the deal??

  1. I am really enjoying this blog Mick, and following your exercise program. I also started running and fast walking earlier in the year. I had a goal to be skinny for my holiday in QLD. Didn’t reach it but I did learn a lot about exercise and being healthy and how its a lifestyle change. (I have been a bit slack since coming home. Motivation has gone.) Anyway I also got really sore calves after particularly hard runs/walks. I found the only way to prevent it was heaps and heaps of stretches before running. It didn’t seem to happen as often if I did this. Problem is getting rid of sore muscles so as to be able to exercise. About the only thing that worked was massage and taking it a little easier eg. taking longer to get to a fast pace and slowing earlier. I found that part hard because I just wanted to get into it.
    Funny thing came about through my exercise. When Dale and I went to Long Island I was always wanting to go for bush walks around the island because I was loving it. Suddenly I had a flash back of a bush walk I did in Canberra with the youth group and your Dad, I remember all I wanted to do was die. I thought the walk was never going to end and it was so cold, I hated every minute of it. Then at the end of the day when I complained (yet again) about how cold my hands were, your dad looked at me and said in the nicest way “cold hands always mean a warm heart”. I couldn’t believe he could say something so nice when all I done all day was complain. I still don’t know that I would be upto one of his walks but I know I would appreciate it a lot more now.

  2. I usually drive to the nearest Burger King, but it doesn’t help with the weight loss :-). Lookin good!! Best of luck to ya this week!

  3. Well sheesh!! I did type out a whole huge respnse, and it crashed lol!! Now, what was I saying, lol???!!!

    I find this part of your blog very encouraging, as I am currently trying hard to loose my “baby fat”!!! I find it really really hard, with no friends to go running with, or encourage. But, nevertheless, I have stuck with it for the past 3 weeks, and am already feeling fantastic, gone down about half a dress size, and lost a couple of kilos! I feel that I have lost more than what the scales say……muscles is supposed to weigh more than fat!!!! YAY!! Your comment about sore muscles is not new, lol! I have been trying to do aerobics 3 to 4 times per week, usually a 50 to 60 minute session! When I wake up and feel sore, I think YAY, IT WORKED!! It usually does not stop me, but spur me on to do more, lol! However, I do take it easy where it hurts! This is not professional advice, just what I have found works for me! Keep it up, cous….proud of you!


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