Fit Friday #4

REGRESS stats:

Weight last week: 78.6kg
Weight this week: 81.7kg
Gain: 3.1kg
Left to goal: 6.7kg
Clicks: 18.3km

Progress shot: – you’re not getting one this week….Shel has the camera set up and is taking photos for his next epic Lego stop motion movie 🙂  Really!

Boobs: 102cm
Waist: 83.5cm (+.5)
Hips: 106.5cm (-1.5)
Thigh: 64.5cm (-1.5)
Arm: 31cm (-.5)

GROAN…I feel revolting. How on earth I managed to put on more than three kilos this week I will never know. I wasn’t being careful about what I ate, but then again, I didn’t go out of my way to eat a truckload of rubbish either. The funny thing is that except for my waist measurement, I’ve lost a little on each of the other measurements…go figure…I wonder where the weight went on then…at the moment it feels like it’s around my face…do you ever have those days where you jsut feel like your face is fat? Sigh.

Here’s what I look like in the mirror this morning…

Fitness-wise this week has been paradoxical too. I managed to do more kilometres over the whole week than I did last week, but I haven’t trained since Tuesday because my calves were sore to the point where I couldn’t run and and I didn’t want to risk injury, so I walked a bit.

I hope you’ve had a more successful week than I have!


This post is part of the Ragamuffintop Challenge over at Carlos Whittaker’s blog (fellow worship leader and all round nice guy)

2 responses to “Fit Friday #4

  1. Mick, hang in there. I put on 0.8 kg. I decided to join you half way through the food shop cycle and with very little left in the salad department the carbs won. But I did a big fruit and veg shop this monrning, HA! Will start again tomorrow as the Tim Tams beconned for morning tea with the kids. O dear…..

    On an interesting note I saw a lady in Townsville who “melted” fat. I kid you not. I will try and find her site for you. Anyone after one treatment I lost 1 ch of my hips and 1 off my thighs. You can pin point where you want it. Anyway she told me Elissa, eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a porper ( ‘scews the spelling) for dinner and drink 2 -3 glasses of green tea and 2 litres of water. So young Daz went out bush for 3 weeks and I did that. I ate like a piggy for breaky, medium lunch of salad and grilled chicken breast ( or tuna or slamon) and for dinner I had either 2 bowls of soup or a lite salad. In three weeks I lost 5 kilos. It was great I was almost 4 kilos off my weight goal…..and then Daz came home….. Love him heaps but he is just a plain bad influence! Milos and rums in the evening accompanied with soft cheeses and nacho CC’s. I was doomed! But the fear of summer is upon me so off I go again. It can be just as hard keeping the weight off as actually loosing it. But I have three weeks to prove for it and I gotta tell you I had yoghurt, full cream milk, sultanas and apple juice with my oats everyday and still lost 5 kgs! Go figure??

    Have a good weekend, see you next Friday


  2. Sorry I meant to write 1 cm off my hips and 1 cm off my thighs , typo

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