Fit Friday #4.5…aka the Monday after the weekend before

In my last Fit Friday post I mentioned that my calves were hurting and I decided to give them a rest and see if they might recover. Well..I rested them for four days and then I went for a run on Saturday with slave master Al (seriously, do you guys not get fitted with sympathy chips?) to see how they went. I did alright for the first kilometre and then they started to hurt. BAD. Then it felt like someone had stuck a red hot poker in my left ankle/heel/foot by about the 3 km mark. So I hobbled the remaining 3kms. When I got home I did some stretches for the whole drive train (lower back down to feet) for about half an hour while I watched the wonderfully fit and athletic people on the Olympics and got myself even more depressed. By that time I was seriously wondering what manner of permanent damage I may have done to myself and wondering if I am going to make the fun run in three weeks time.

Anyway….I did some research after I got a grip ;o)   There are a lot of possibilities ranging from insufficient stretching to worn out shoes to all manner of medical issues. So I’m going to try to stretch more and fork for some new shoes since these ones are nearly 18months old and probably too compacted to give me much cushioning.

The pain subsided after I recovered on Saturday, and I strapped my foot just in case. By Sunday morning I wasn’t limping anymore. It felt fine when I got up this morning so, for interest sake I decided to go for a run (with foot strapped) to see if the pain returned. I ran the loop around the estate that I live in, which is 2.25km and a bit hilly. I ran 90% of the way round with no discomfort and then walked the last little bit to warm down and stretched when I got inside. I’m not in any pain, but I can feel some tension in my left calf and a bit of a niggle in my left foot. So who knows…it’s all a bit random and strange. Perhaps I tried to do too much too soon on Saturday (hard not to when I live with a fitness nut).

I’m not sure whether to stick with running the loop here this week, and keeping it short, or whether to go into town and try the 5km bridge to bridge loop (it’s nice and flat). I’m supposed to be running with Rachelle on Thursday morning, and she’ll think I’m a wuss if I walk/pike again this week LOL.

what to do….


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