Did you take the journalling challenge?

At the end of July I spoke in church about the benefits of using a journal and writing for spiritual growth, and I challenged my fellow Woden-ites to have a go at it for a month and then share about whether or not they found it beneficial, and if they plan to continue.

In time I will serialise my message and post them as part of a series so that we can refer back, but for the moment, this is a space where we can share what God has been doing in our lives.

So…Woden-ites…hit the share link below on let’s encourage one another! What have you discovered through journalling for spiritual growth?



2 responses to “Did you take the journalling challenge?

  1. Hey Mick. Well, after many years break from journaling, due to betrayal by family members reading it behind my back…..it was you who encouraged me to try it again! I kept a written journal for quite a number of months, but literally ran out of time to sit and write.

    So, I have opened up my own personal online journal…for my eyes only, lol!! On there I keep a journal of day to day experiences, my progress with my challenge to read my Bible in one year, and my own persoanl Bible studies. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it has helped me. Seeing it all written infront of me really keeps me accountable, especially with my Bible readings and Bible study. But also, I have been logging down what I have been praying for, and when prayers are answered. One of the most inspiring things I find to do, is to look back over the many months, and read my entries. It is then that I am often reminded of things I hoped for and prayed for, that had been answered by our Heavenly Father. I also find that when I am doing my Bible readings and Bible studies, it makes me think alot deeper, when I have to put my thoughts into words. As far as journaling my day to day experiences….I sure do benefit alot from that too. If something is bothering me, I feel that when I can put it into words, write it down, pray about it, and then log off…..I can usually let it rest. With me, I think it’s the putting of my emotions into actual words, that helps me…it helps me to get more intouch with what I feel and why.

    So, sis, I want to thank you for encouraging me to take up journaling again….cos I am loving it, and really benefiting emotionally and spiritually.

    Lee xoxoxox

  2. You’re welcome sis…journalling is beneficial on so many levels, espcially for clarifying our thoughts. Thanks for sharing your journey đŸ™‚

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