Fit Friday #7


Weight last week: 79.1kg
Weight this week: 79.2kg
Gain: 0.1kg
Left to goal: 4.2kg
Clicks: 6.5km

Progress shot:

Boobs: 101cm
Waist: 80cm (-1)
Hips: 106cm (-1)
Thigh: 64.5cm
Arm: 30.5cm (-.5)

I pretty much maintained this week, which isn’t too bad considering I had a couple of days where I wasn’t strict with my eating plan. The interesting thing though is that I still lost centimetres…so the body is shrinking still….so I guess that’s a positive.

Fun run tomorrow! Looks like I’ll be running alone though, my mate Rachelle has hurt her hip. 😦

EDIT……Rachelle un-piked ;o)  She’s going to give it a go…yay!

C’mon peoples…weigh in! 🙂


This post is part of the Ragamuffintop Challenge over at Carlos Whittaker’s blog (fellow worship leader and all round nice guy)

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