Road Trip – Day 2-3 photos

We arrived at the Mediterranean Hotel at Crescent Head (near Kempsey) at about midnight ont he first night – not a bad little place. Clean and tidy. The next morning we drove through the subtropical dairy country along the Macleay River. So green and lush!

It has been a long while since I’ve seen such wonderful green grass! 🙂 There were all sorts of run down old decaying barns and houses along the road…unfortunatley I didn’t manage to get a photo of any…this one was taken out the window while we were driving along LOL.

We don’t often catch a nice photo of Aiden, but Al caught a great one when we stopped at a lookout to appreciate the view.


We also took time to go and visit a block of land that we bought in northern NSW at a very poetically named place called Upper Fine Flower where we think we might retire (a loooong way down the track 🙂 ) I was really pleased with how green it is too. It was a bit of a surprise to see someone was taking advantage of us not living nearby and letting their horses eat our feed…will have to do some detective work to track them down.

Here’s my man.

The weather up here is spectacular…such a nice change from the Canberra winter.


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