Road Trip – Family Fun at Hastings Point

We have spent the last couple of days with Al’s family at a holiday village at Hastings Point on the far north coast of New South Wales. The weather was spectacular, and it was great to be able to catch up with everyone and see how much all of the kids have grown.

I had to work a bit, so I didn’t get to spend as much time at the beach as eveyone else, but I managed to spend a decent amount of time with eveyone and relax a bit.

Here are some photos…


Sheldon (partially submerged), Chris (cousin) and Aiden taking advantage of the pool at near our unit.

Our unit at the holiday village. It was a really nice little self-contained place with plenty of room for us to spread out.

Here are all the cousins on the George side of the family from the oldest on the left to the youngest on the right… Mel, Joel, Caitly, Aiden, Olivia, Sheldon and Chris. They had a ball running around together and getting to know each other again.

The boys love the beach.

I wasn’t intending to get wet, but I had to cross the creek to get back to the car, and it was deeper than I had anticipated…it was FREEZING.

We were also lucky enough to spot some whales playing off the headland …. there was also an F-111 doing low fly-bys, but we didn’t manage to get a photo of that. 😦 It was very cool.


Stay tuned for photos from Toowoomba tomorrow. (It’s blowing a gale here tonight, and it’s cold…feels like home LOL)


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