While you’re waiting…

Hi everyone! Sorry for the unexplained absence! The Dodo guy was telling me lies when he told me I’d have mobile broadband coverage at my parent’s place in central Queensland and down through the middle of NSW…lesson learned…if you need Internet or phone coverage in the Outback…go with a Telstra based service. Grrrr.

Anyway…I’m back in civilisation now and almost back to reality. It will take me another day or so to get my photos sorted. I have masses of them…too many to blog now, so I’ll make a Flickr album and you can check out my happy snaps if you want to.

While you are waiting for me to get my crap together again and back into my routine, please head over to my good friend Andrew’s blog. He has just posted an article called Extreme Makeover of the Heart that is well worth a read, and well worth a good long think about how we are God’s hands and feet in this world.

Did ya miss me? I missed you guys!


One response to “While you’re waiting…

  1. Seeing no one has said they missed you I thought i’d better leave a comment (and it has nothing to do with the link above to my post 😉 )

    I missed you, it’s good to have you back, look forward to the pics! 🙂

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