Of church and jelly beans Part 2

The Vicar of Vibe got it in one! The red and blue jelly beans were indeed linked to the Matrix movies.

Last night I spoke to our youth about the importance of getting real. People these days don’t want to hear what you have to say about God unless they can see you live it out, and nothing turns people off God and the church faster than fake Christians…so we have got to take this God-stuff seriously and keep it real. I shared with them two keys to making an impact in the current generation and beyond. The first was the need to know you who you are as a person and not be squished into anyone else’s mould. Be true to who God created you to be, and be willing to share that with people. The second was that we need to know who we are as Christians, what God wants from us as his followers, and be willing to share how that’s working for us with people too. I shared a personal testimony and bared my soul. God wants us to BE the Church…he doesn’t want us to go to church. We’ve got to stop faking it and playing church and playing at being Christians. All or nothing.

At the end of my talk I played a scene from the Matrix where Neo is given the opportunity to stay in the computer simulation of what he thought was real life…or choose to find out the truth and return to reality.  As the scene finished I had a challenge scrolling on the screen with some heavy-ish dance music behind it.  Each person was given a red and a blue jelly bean and they were asked to choose. If they chose the blue one they were choosing to stay in the fake, easy, Sunday-only Christian experience. If they chose the red one they were choosing to get real and make an impact for Jesus in their world.

We finished out the night by singing With Everything, and then I prayed God’s blessing over them as they took a huge courageous step to get real.

If you would like to read my notes in full…click here  –>  get-real-final-edit1.

Do you agree? Disagree? How can we reach Gen Y and beyond?



One response to “Of church and jelly beans Part 2

  1. I love that song. Sounds like it was a great night. I love the idea of your message, and sounds like it had a good impact. At Sandals Church, our vision is Authenticity, “being “real with ourselves, others and God” and it is so important to be commited to being honest Christians. Christians who are willing to be accountable to one another, Christians who are willing to confess their sins to one another. To live as children of light, not of darkness. Sounds like good stuff to me!!

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