Fit Friday – getting back on the horse!

Ok…time to set the goal posts again after the holiday slacking off period.

My new goal is to get to 75kg by my birthday, which is in the middle of December, and to run three times a week for a minimum of 3km each session. I have lost a kilo this week…bringing me to 79.5kg, and I’ve been on the treadmill twice.  Here’s to the downward slide 🙂 4.5kg to go in about 7 weeks. Woohoo!

There are no photos this week because I have been at the Global Leadership Summit all day, and I am beat! I am super excited about what I have been learning, but I’ll share that with you next week. There’s another full day tomorrow and it will take me a bit to process all of the awesome stuff that is being downloaded into my head. 🙂 Click HERE for a sneak peek at my sketchnotes.

So tell me…what is your pre-Christmas fitness goal?



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