Global Leadership Summit 08: Sketchnotes

This past weekend I attended a Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit here in town. I decided to have a go at Mike Rohde – style sketchnotes. I was happy with my first attempt, and I had fun…but I think I need a whole lot more practice before mine look as awesome as Mike’s 🙂

Click the picture to go and see my Flickr slideshow.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be blogging through some of the things that I learned at the conference as I try and apply them to my life and my ministry.

In the meantime…if you have any questions about the notes themselves or the content of them…drop me a line and I’ll answer!



2 responses to “Global Leadership Summit 08: Sketchnotes

  1. Hey michelle – just rechecked your blog – I also enjoyed the GLS down here in Geelong. LOVE your sketch notes! Might even print them out if that’s fine by you! They are great – you must be a great assett at your church – someone sold out for God and a gifted communicator too.



  2. Hi Chris, Thanks! Feel free to print them out, no worries! 🙂

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