The inevitable week after conference – the heat is on!

It’s always the way isn’t it? Last weekend’s conference was amazing. God encouraged and challenged me in huge ways. I was ready to rock the world with renewed vigor and purpose for the vision He’s given me.

Then this week happened. I broke my foot on Sunday night…I have a wisdom tooth extraction to look forward to tomorrow…an issue that has been simmering for sometime has hit boiling point…and my littlest guy is off on his first overnight school camp (without kissing me good bye I might add). I feel like I am in the middle of a cyclone at the moment. I’m feeling teary and more than a little fragile.

And yet even as I ask God what on earth is going on, He’s telling me to stay focused on the vision he has planted in me. He knows that He can only work in my life if things are difficult enough that I have absolutely no choice but to run to Him for strength and wisdom. I can’t see the way out, and I don’t like what’s happening, but I know that I will find peace if I stop trying to figure out the whys and wherefores and let God do what he’s got to do to get me where I need to be to achieve His purpose.

It comes back to that old gold refining metaphor. To purify the gold after they dig it out of the rock, they have to break it down and they have to heat it up to the point where anything that is not gold is burnt off. For me to become more like Jesus in word and action, there’s stuff that has to be burnt off…and I can tell you…the heat is on!

Please pray for me. Thanks.



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