Family Funday – Day trip to Bathurst

On Saturday we had to drive up to Bathurst to pick up a camper trailer for Dad (the funny thing about that is that Dad’s name is Leonard John….the guy he bought the trailer from is John Leonard LOLOL) so we decided to make a day trip of it. We spent a couple of hours checking out the sights of Bathurst before driving home. it was a surprisingly busy little place with plenty to see….well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

We…drove the Mount Panorama race track….backwards….and forwards. I have some video, but it’s not very interesting. 🙂


We visted the Australian Mineral and Fossil museum. I sketched old bones while the boys explored and checked out the only complete T-Rex sekeleton in the southern hemisphere. You can see my sketch here.


We also stumbled upon an exhibition at the local regional art gallery that featured JUST drawings! It was great to see people interested in drawing as a genre in it’s own right rather than as a precursor to painting or other media. People after my own heart! There weren’t too many realist works, but the quality of the work was very good nonetheless.

On the way home the sky was menacing and the lighting just gorgeous.

bathurst3See what I mean? I could just stare at that landscape for hours!

On the way home we had planned to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Cowra that we had seen on the way through. We were REALLY looking forward to it. From the outside it looked like a very traditional place, and knowing that there were a lot of Japanese people still living in the area after the second world war (there was a POW camp at Cowra during WWII) we were looking forward to some “real” Japanese food, and the opportunity for Al to practise his language skills. Unfortunately it was closed 😦  So we settled for Indian food instead…which was ok…but when you are looking forward to sushi and sashimi, lamb korma doesn’t really cut it.

All in all it was a nice day. I managed to get my mind of my face-ache for a while, and we all got to see a part of our country that we hadn’t seen before.

What did you do to connect with your family this week?



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