God has great timing!

It always makes me giggle how God lines stuff up when he’s trying to teach me something. He has the BEST sense of timing!

Last night we had our monthly worship leaders’ meeting and we watched a session from the Global Leadership Summit DVD called “IT: How churches and leaders can get IT and keep IT” by a speaker called Craig Groeschel and part of the talk was about shaking off failure and stepping out in faith to do what God has given you a vision and a passion for. This morning I sat down to spend my time alone with God, working on my Hebrews experiment and I’m up to chapter 11 where it talks about what faith looks like,  what God thinks about faith, and how he promises to reward us if we have faith and seek him earnestly (with oomph and energy and proactivity – yup I made that word up) and has some concrete examples of dudes that walked by faith and were rewarded for it.

I just love it when God lines things up like that. So very, very cool.

What’s God speaking to you about at the moment?


Do you think God speaks to us? Or are these things just a coincidence?



2 responses to “God has great timing!

  1. One thing God’s speaking to me about lately is running uphill (lessons for life from physical activity – hehe!). Running uphill (persistently pursuing his prize) is much harder than running on the level (you’ll face more resistance and need more strength), so you have to change the way you run. You have to bend a little more (be flexible to hear from him about new wisdom), and move a little slower (be patient and not get ahead of him), and you can’t look to far ahead (‘cos that’s demoralising) – just look a few steps in front (he’ll lay out the path for you step by step). And then one day you find you can do things you never thought were possible, and he will show you the view from the top.

  2. Hi Lynne! Don’t you love the way God uses every day things to talk to us? Makes it so easy to stay connected when that happens.

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