How seriously COOL is this??

mike-colorMike Rohde has just posted an e-interview with me on his Rohdesign blog about the sketchnotes that I took at the Global Leadership Summit. I am so excited!

Go check it out!

If you’re a Rohdesign reader coming for a stickybeak (Aussie for ‘have a look’) … Welcome, and hello! Feel free to introduce yourselves 🙂

Thanks Mike!


3 responses to “How seriously COOL is this??

  1. Hi Michelle. I’m a stickybeak (can that be a noun?) from Rohdesign. I’m a technical writer in the UK who also likes drawing and painting (more infrequently, these days, it seems!), so I thought I’d come and have a nose.

    Particularly impressed by your Flickr set of graphite art. Wow.

  2. Hi Neal! Thanks for popping over 🙂 What sort of writing to you like to do? I love doing procedural guides and online help systems.

  3. I spend a lot of time documenting APIs — though not by choice! Having said that, I avoid a lot of the reference stuff and get to do a lot of functional material. It’s very visual as well so I get to do a lot of pictures, which is fun.

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