Worship: So much more than music

26826_4200This morning Andrew flicked me an email with a link, telling me to go and read this worship leading article at Neue.com. (He does this quite often…I do it to him too…we believe great leadership is viral, so we’re always sending material back and forth)

The article comes hot on the heels of the worship team meeting we had last night to do some learning from the year just gone, and to do some dreaming about the year ahead. I am so proud of our guys…they provided us with some spectacular constructive feedback, and came up with loads of terrific ideas for next year. We were a functioning community of ‘worship people’ keen to get God worshipped in a way that is true and acceptable to him, and God showed up. It was a really special time. We are in for an exciting time next year.

The article that Andrew sent tells of an everyday example of what would happen if that kind of desire for authentic worship and passion to love God with all we’ve got moved from our team meetings into the broader gathering. (don’t make the mistake of assuming that stuff is just for young people either) True worship transcends music style squabbles and changes peoples lives in a powerful way. It brings healing. It brings peace. It brings joy. It brings discipline. Church is not a retirement village where we go to wait till we get to heaven. It’s a military command post with a fully functioning war hospital. It’s not supposed to be a comfortable place to be, it’s supposed to be a place where we get patched up and prepared for battle.

Go and have a read, and then pray with me…..Bring it on God!


One response to “Worship: So much more than music

  1. I like the line “not what song we are going to sing, but what song are we going to live” – I find that a dilemma in leading – I know the songs I like – and they are often the songs I have lived or that I desire to live, but I wonder about the rightness of ‘making’ a congregation sing them, when I don’t know really where they each want to go – what they want to say to God – then I think – hey – I ought to lead them to say and sing first what they *ought* to want to live, and maybe that will come next .. but still I wonder….

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