Introverts of the world unite!

Six months ago I wrote a post about my secret life as an intorvert (surprisingly some of you were shocked) and promised that I’d write some follow up posts. I am finally getting around to it 🙂 . Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting five or six short articles about introversion and how we function in a world where extroverts rule. I’ll be rounding out the series with a discussion on how an introvert can function in the people oriented world of the church.

Here are my topics so far….I want you to feel free to contribute, ask questions, and share your story.

  • Do you know an introvert?
  • What is an introvert, what is an extrovert, what is shyness?
  • Understanding the introvert.
  • The Spirit-controlled introvert
  • Introverts and the Church

God has been doing some very cool things in my life in this area. Go back and have a read of the post that started it all, and then tune in again tomorrow for the start of the series.


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