2008 in review

Click to view larger version

Click to view larger version

Just before Christmas I took the time to review 2008. This map is the result of that review.

I didn’t have the list of goals that I set for myself with me at the time (I was in the car waiting for Shel’s drum lesson to be over), so the review is against five key areas of my life rather than against any specific goals. I have listed things that I have been pleased with over the past year, and things that I feel need some more work in the year ahead, so I’ll be using these points to formulate my goals and focus for 2009. I’m running a little late because I’ve had visitors and was whisked off into the bush with my boys for a couple of days…..but what’s the rush….I’ve got another 364 days ahead of me 🙂

Do you review your previous year before embarking on the next? How do you go about deciding on your goals for the year ahead? Do you plan your life…or do you just let it happen? Spill the beans!



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