Australia Day Getaway

channelling-bono1 The boys head back to school next week, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to head down the coast to Mollymook for the Australia Day long weekend for our last hurrah of the Summer holidays.

I was expecting it to be really busy with 80% of the rest of Canberra doing the same as us, but it really wasn’t bad at all. A pleasant surprise.

With the economy the way it is, we decided to take my little car rather than the family truckster, and save some money on petrol. I was sceptical at first…my little car (his name is Jeff) is …shall we say… very compact πŸ™‚ and I didn’t know how he would cope being loaded up and asked to drive up steep winding mountain roads. But I was pleasantly surprised, Jeff was a trooper!Β  He did so well!


In typical Australia Day fashion, the temperaure spiked in the high 30s and we sweltered on the beach, but the boys had an absolute blast body surfing and building sand forts. (we thought Shel had broken his thumb on Thursday, we were grateful that it was only a sprain and that he was able to surf and swim and have fun at the beach πŸ™‚ )mollymook-beach

How beautiful is the colour of the sky?? It was so nice to just sit and unwind and not have to do anything. I didn’t even have to cook! It was wonderful!

Did you do anything special this Australia Day?



4 responses to “Australia Day Getaway

  1. Sounds perfect, especially the part about no cooking. We escaped to our caravan at Howqua on Lake Eildon with a few friends. The boys fished all weekend (caught nothing) while we girls slept, read, ate and watched tennis. Due to the fact that men like to control bbq’s I also didn’t cook all weekend. Perfect weather, great friends and the great outdoors that’s what I call a true blue Australia Day weekend.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! How often do you get away to your van? Do you see the same people all the time? Or are you meeting new ppl all the time?

  3. We go as often as we can, usually once or twice a month. We have our neighbours who seem to be nice on both sides. However I like it best when its just me and Dale and very few people in the park. Most of the other owners come from Melbourne so it takes them twice as long to get there which means they don’t go as often. We had new year there and the owners of the park put on a party for everyone. We got to meet quite a few new people that night, however we were back at our van in time to watch the fireworks on tv. I still get a bit shy meeting new people and I find I am also a bit selfish with my private “me/our” time. Like you, if I start a book I like to sit until its finished and that is my favourite pastime at the van. On the other hand if we invite friends to come with us I also really enjoy talking, having a wine and eating nibblies with them.
    I have found it interesting reading your blogs on being introverted. I think I am a mixture of both. I love and need my “me” time but I also love to socialise with my friends (but only my friends). Can you be a bit of both?

  4. That sounds like a great place to go!

    Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you don’t like people or don’t have friends, everyone should have some friends and everyone needs to interact with other people throughout their day..the difference comes with the amount of time you want/need to spend with other people. It’s a matter of balance πŸ™‚ I also think that it changes as we get older and it changes in our personal life as our work life changes. I’ll be posting the next article in the series shortly πŸ™‚

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