What does it mean for the CHURCH?

Watch it…what do  you think this means for the future of the church in Australia? In Canberra? In Weston Creek? In Waramanga? In Namatjira Drive??

2 responses to “What does it mean for the CHURCH?

  1. I’m thinking the church needs to look at getting online and up to speed with mobile technologies to connect with more people….what do you think?

  2. Thinking about this some more as I tried to sleep last night….the reason, for me at least, that using these technologies is vitally important in getting the message of Jesus out there is this: relationships and communication. The key to God’s plan for reaching people is purely relationship driven, and to build relationships you have to communicate (not just speak AT people, but interact). Sure there will be those who say that relationships cannot be built adequately through online and mobile technologies, and that’s true to a degree, however there *are* already strong, productive relationships being built online disproving this. The thing for us to take notice of is that this is where the culture of today lives and interacts. So regardless of our personal judgements on the quality of what’s developing, we have got to get out there and amongst it. Harness it and use it to grow God’s kingdom! People aren’t coming into churches out of civic duty like they did 50 years ago…we have got to go out there and interact on their turf and their terms before they will want to even think about setting foot in a church. This is so much more the case for tech-savvy people and young people.

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