What is a Servant?


I have a question that I need some help answering. I’ll let you know why I need some help later on, since I don’t want to colour the discussion at this point.

Here’s my question…well it’s actually a couple, but they are related….

What is a servant? What does your definition look like in practical terms? If you can, give me an example.

Your answer may be from a church perspective, it may be from a follower of Jesus perspective, or it may be from the perspective of an entirely different worldview. Lay it on me…I want to hear what your thoughts are.


One response to “What is a Servant?

  1. Some thoughts: A servant is different to a slave in that it has to some degree chosen to serve. A servant delights in meeting the needs of others. A servant is humble and unassuming – prepared to blend into the background in quiet service. A servant is willing to do the jobs that others turn their nose up at. A servant makes others feel special.

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