25 totally random things about me

A little while ago I got suckered into doing one of those Facebook 25 random things notes….thought you might get a giggle πŸ™‚

1. I was named after a monastery.

2. I have a secret romantic desire to live in Alaska (yes I’ve watched too much Northern Exposure and Men In Trees).

3. I still have 4 baby teeth in my mouth…the adult ones just never arrived.

4. I spent my teenage years perming the crap outta my hair because I wanted it curly, then I had kids and it went stupid curly all by itself.

5. I had curly hair when I was four, then the doctors tried an experimental asthma drug on me and it went straight overnight…stayed that way till I got preggers.

6. I love to draw…wish it paid enough to pay the bills.

7. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a writer…I had envisaged writing novels, but these days I write ICT documentation for a living….combines my love of writing and my love of geekery. πŸ™‚

8. I have three book projects in various stages of development on my desk.

9. I’ve been married for 18 years! Yikes!

10. I had half my face paralysed when I was in year 9…I couldn’t smile, or taste anything on that side of my face, and I couldn’t blink that eye…I got in trouble for winking at my physics teacher until he found out what the problem was.

11. Speaking of teachers…my year 10 music teacher phoned me 6 months after I finished year 10 and wanted a date…UH HELL NO! He looked like Art Garfunkle.

12. I love to read. I have at least 5 non-fiction books on the go all the time.

13. I tend not to read fiction unless I’m on holidays because I get obsessive and can’t put it down until I get to the end….the boys don’t appreciate going without food because mummy loses track of all time and responsibility.

14. I want to do a life coaching course.

15. I want to play in a band infront of a huge stadium audience…singing and playing my own songs.

16. My boys were both born underwater, drug free.

17. I love computers and the internet…there is so much potential at your finger tips!

18. I am completely addicted to stationery, and I am passionate about organisation and productivity.

19. I LOVE my purple car….the boys hate it and refused to ride with me for the first month I had it. The car’s name is Jeff….Jazzy Jeff.

20. I name all of my musical instruments…they are like family πŸ™‚

21. I desperately want to have a New York loft appartment and live a boho lifestyle (an organised one though LOL).

22. My favourite TV show at the moment is Miami Ink….love tattoos!

23. I crack my knuckles all the time…used to drive my mother crazy.

24. I think Shel is going to be a terrific leader one day…that kid amazes me.

25. I think Aiden is going to be an awesome musician one day…he has a great ear and intuitive timing.


4 responses to “25 totally random things about me

  1. I’ll follow you to New York. You’d love it. I found it really inspired my artistic side. Shel is pretty amazing. He impresses me. πŸ™‚

  2. I saw one of your paintings on your blog…do you get time to paint/draw much?

    btw..check this guy out…http://andrewedwards.wordpress.com/ he says he knows you πŸ™‚

  3. MIchelle – I followed you from Ron’s blog (I am his PA). What amuses me is that I too have a purple Jazz, and I LOVE it….

    Janet McKinney

  4. Hi Janet! Thanks for dropping by…If you have a purple Jazz you obviously have excellent taste!! πŸ™‚

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