Teachability – great post over at Swerve!


One of the things I am most careful to cultivate in my life is teachability. I think it’s a critical attribute, not only for leaders, but for everyone. It’s one that I strive to teach my kids too…I think that creativity and adaptability and teachability are going to to be THE most useful skills in a world that changes as rapidly as ours does.

The guys over at Swerve have a great post about it today… Pop over and have a read.

What do you think? 

I have another question for you…what do you do when you ask for constructive feedback from your manager/supervisor/pastor and all you get is a pat on the back? How do you get the feedback you require to develop and grow? A pat on the back is nice..but no-one gets it right all the time! Share your insight!


2 responses to “Teachability – great post over at Swerve!

  1. Michelle,

    Thanks for the link to the post. I hope you’re doing well.


  2. Hey Scott..thanks for stopping by!

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