Fit Friday is coming back

I have no idea how long it has been since I wrote a Fit Friday post. I have been slack and blaming it on being busy at work and trying to get into some kind of routine.

I had a scare last week and trotted off to have some blood tests done to see what the problem was…as it turns out there’s nothing medically wrong. Cholesterol is normal, blood glucose is normal, hormones are normal. So what is it? Life in general is what’s up. Stress management.

I know that prayer is the answer … or one of them anyway. I saw a quote today that said “faith can move mountains, but don’t be surprised if God hands you a shovel”. What that tells me is that I have to get off my fat ass (again) and get proactive about managing my health by making some wholesale life changes and by exercising, because that’s the safest and most legal way to get happy chemicals into my system. 🙂

I am so not proud of myself and where I’m at. Time to face it and get moving in the right direction.

That’s the thing about life…there’s no standing still you’re either going forwards or you’re going backwards. All you have to do is decide which direction you want to go.

I am choosing to move forward.


Anyone interested in coming along for the ride?



2 responses to “Fit Friday is coming back

  1. I’ve been finding the same thing. This week I ran three morning for about half an hour before I started my day. I listened to the Journey Church’s sermons on moving from stress to rest on my iPod while I ran and it helped my mood heaps. The big message I got out of this week was that if you know what helps you manage stress, don’t squeeze it out when things get more stressful!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s so hard to not let the busy-ness of life squeeze out what is truly necessary!

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