Risk analysis


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Asking myself all of these questions about who I am…and why I do what I do…and why I believe what I do…is a scary thing to do. More times than I can count, I have stared at the ceiling at three in the morning  wishing that I didn’t think as much as I do. Thinking perhaps that it would be easier all round if I shoved the stuff whizzing around in my head back under a rock and continued on to have a safe and quiet life that involved going to church on Sunday, working hard and enjoying my family.

But what am I afraid of? What are some of the things that I am likely to face and have to decide…will I fight or will I take flight? Here are some of the things that have the potential to derail my adventure if I choose to keep going:

  • spiritual opposition
  • people not understanding and thinking that I’ve lost the plot (I’m a recovering people pleaser)
  • that I will lose friends
  • that I might be asked to make sacrifices that will be too hard
  • that I’ll be required to do something really difficult
  • that I might take a wrong turn and end up at a dead end
  • that my life may be transformed to the point where it’s almost unrecognisable.

So what could happen if I don’t take a risk and jump into this adventure and give it a red hot go?

  • I would have a quiet, safe, controllable life
  • I would miss out on fulfilling my life’s purpose
  • I’d have to explain myself at the end of my days when I have to stand before my Creator and give account for my life.

Is it worth the risk to go on this adventure? If I am to have a victorious and exciting life following Jesus…I can’t afford not to go on the adventure set before me! I don’t want to be safe! Jesus wasn’t safe…he was a rebel, a stirrer, a risk taker! I MUST follow his lead! When I am faced with the things that frighten me I will need to keep my eyes on the goal and trust that I am on this adventure because God wants me there.

Over the past couple of months God has whispered in my ear over and over again…What I have planned for you is so much better than you can ever imagine! I have a pretty good imagination, so I’m excited at the possibilities!

What risks are you willing to take to do as God asks? Do you like to take risks? Or do you avoid taking risks at all costs? Have you taken any risks for God? Share your stories!


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2 responses to “Risk analysis

  1. I feel like I’m taking a risk too…an uplanned one. But unexpectedly, feeling so much peace about this…hope to share more soon :]

  2. I look forward to hearing about what you’re up to! Be bold!

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