What tools do I need to shove in my gear sack?


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My husband thinks I’m completely nuts…but I love to look at what’s in people’s bags  ( There’s a whole Flickr group of people that do this). How do they organise it, why do they carry what they do…is it functional? Is it geeky or all Hello Kitty?  For an afternoon of voyeuristic fun, pop on over. It’s addictive!

Back to the point…

I need your help…obviously…I’ve never done one of these solo retreats before. I have no idea what to “pack” into my gear sack for the weekend away…physical or otherwise…

Here’s the background…

This weekend I am off for a solo retreat to the Lake Crackenback Resort...all by myself…no kids….no husband….I’ll be engaging in some serious leisure activities to refresh my physical body (it’s the beginning of the ski season at the very edge of the snow line, probably won’t ski, but it will be cooold! I imagine lots of walking…), as well as really digging deep to see what God is wanting for me during this restoration phase of my adventure to a healthy life and recovery from Mad Church Disease. For this part I envisage lots of writing as I process stuff…and I don’t think it will be your stereotypical girly type retreat..I think it is probably going to be more like a spiritual bootcamp!

Here’s what I want to know…what should I “pack”? What scriptures would be good to meditate on? What spiritual disciplines do you think might be helpful in this situation? Have you done a solo retreat? How did you prepare?  How did you approach it? Would you share your story to help me on my way?

What should I shove into my backpack for the ideal weekend retreat to meet with God? What would you pack?



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One response to “What tools do I need to shove in my gear sack?

  1. My friend Ron pointed me towards this resource: http://www.labyrinth.org.uk/ a meditation tool used by contemplative christians for centuries…

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