The fasting bit….


This post is part of my adventure series…click here to make sure you catch the whole series.

Throughout the ages men and women have fasted at times when they are wanting to spend some intense time with God and to make space in their minds to hear what He has to say to them. Usually it involves giving up something that is meaningful in their lives…like food, or activities, or whatever. I’ve never done a fast like this before, and I’ve been contemplating the value of it in my adventure and decided to jump in!

Tomorrow morning I head off on my weekend of solitude and I have decided to give up all social media and online connection…since I am completely addicted to it 🙂

So…that will include:

  • phone
  • text messaging
  • email
  • instant messaging
  • Twitter
  • blogging
  • Internet surfing
  • Facebook

I will be doing a complete disconnect (except for a couple of negotiated text messages to let my family know I’m OK each day 🙂 and for emergency purposes obviously ).  It’s going to be tough! I’ve never done it on purpose before! But that’s the point I guess. I’m intentionally tuning out the world and the things that distract me the most so that I can focus on God and his purpose for the weekend.

Air silence will begin when I leave on Saturday morning and end on Monday night.

Have you ever fasted for spiritual purposes? What did you give up? What were your experiences?

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One response to “The fasting bit….

  1. Let us know how that went.

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