Fit Friday // Good week!


I’m proud of myself this week! On Sunday I did the 5km Canada Day fun run here in Canberra. I didn’t run the whole way … and I was so sore that I could barely walk  for two days afterwards because I hadn’t trained at all beforehand…but I did better than I thought I would. I haven’t really run for any length of time since I broke my foot at the end of last year. I followed it up with a run on Wednesday night, as well as my usual lunchtime 5km walks. So the exercise has been regular this week. I think I need to up the intensity a bit though. I haven’t really lost any weight yet.

I managed to eat a lot more fresh, raw veges this week … and I have noticed that my skin is clearer. Bonus!

The thing I am happiest with is that my body and my brain chemistry are starting to tell me that I need to exercise. My body is starting to recognise the benefits of exercise for stress management and for maintaining an even outlook on life.

I’m doing well taking baby steps! How did you go this week?



5 responses to “Fit Friday // Good week!

  1. Hey Michelle… well done on your fitness routine this week… as for mine… dont ask…LOL nothing like starting fresh next week 😉

  2. Hi Michelle, well done on your run. It takes guts to go in a run, especially with no training up. I’m training up for the City 2 Surf in August. I tried to weasel out of a couple of my training runs this week, but stuck with it and found they weren’t so bad after all. Music helps!

  3. @Eddy … I am finding I need to start again the next day if I stuff it…otherwise I don’t start again for ages 🙂

    @Penny Thanks 🙂 I’m aiming for the Canberra Times one this year and probably next year and then maybe City to Surf…but we’ll see 🙂 Getting started is always the hardest isn’t it? Once I’m on the road I feel great…

  4. Surprised that there is a Canada Fun Run in Australia. Great that you went running that is a bit outside my activity level though.

    • Hi Bernie…I live in Canberra (the capital of Aus) so we have a lot of embassies and high commissions in town. The Canada Fun Run is a fund raiser for cancer research. Running is outside my activity level too :):) but I’m working on it 🙂

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