Too busy to “do” Sabbath? // Part 1 // Beware! It’s a disease!


How long has it been since you really took a regular break each week?

If you’re anything like me…I was far too busy and important to take a break for years…I even took “work” ( it was usually church stuff or writing I wanted to get done) away with me on holidays, and Sundays were more often than not busier than regular work days.

Right up until a couple of months ago my work ethic was my crowing glory and my sense of whether or not I was a good person/Christian/worker was wrapped up in how busy I was, how productive I was, and let’s be honest here shall we…how stressed I was feeling. I was getting some kind of sick self-righteous satisfaction from being continually under pressure and feeling as though I was always running from one thing to the next. I felt needed and affirmed when I was doing everything for everybody. Which, looking back at it now, is totally pathetic.

It has taken some not-so-gentle prompting from a friend and some stress-induced medical problems to make me wake up to myself. Life was never intended to be this crazy, and that in fact, it is counter-productive in the long run to be so frantic all the time. It is not sustainable, and the only ones that suffer are you and your family, who often get steamrolled or completely forgotten in your misguided quest to be all things to all people. And from a broader perspective…if you go until you crash and burn, it will take a long time for you to recover and come back to the point where you can function normally again.

We were designed to work hard. That is not in dispute here. I think it is absolutely necessary that we be productive and effective in everything we do. But in order to do that we MUST take time out, we must find the point of balance where we can maintain our pace for the long haul.

Over the course of the next week or so I’ll be posting about what I’ve been learning about Sabbath, sabbatical, rest, focus, leisure and balance.

Do you take time to rest regularly? Or do you go full-tilt until you’re worn out?



2 responses to “Too busy to “do” Sabbath? // Part 1 // Beware! It’s a disease!

  1. Yes I have 1-2 days a week where I take a break – and usually try to spend time with my darling.

    Got to watch I don’t start losing it though

  2. Michelle, this is a great topic that few Christ followers take note of… until they’re already deep in the pit of stress and strain. It is a misguided notion to stay busy all the time and is rooted in fear, giving life to all the insecurities that keep us on that performance treadmill.

    I confess. I’m on the treadmill more often than I’m off of it. Hoping your words are a good reminder to get off.

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