Fit Friday // Consistency and Sustainability

1181363_woman_jogging_blurThis week I have continued to work on being consistent in my exercise routine, and managed to exercise six out of the past seven days.

Depending on what you read, the so called experts suggest that it takes anywhere between two and three weeks to cement a new habit into your routine. so I’m either a half or a third of the way there 🙂

What really annoys me though is that it only takes one or two days where I’m too busy or too tired to exercise and I feel like I’m starting back from the beginning again. It’s not fair.

In terms of sustainability…I’m finding that side of things more difficult. For me, it’s easier for me to work harder longer on the bike, but it’s more convenient for me to fit in a short sharp running workout at the end of the day most of the time. But I don’t like running much, and from past experience I am more likely to injure myself running. Will I able to keep that up? Perhaps when the weather starts to warm up I’ll be able to ride more…..

On the bright side, the scales are starting to move in the right direction!

How did you go this week? How do you ensure consistency in your fitness routine?



2 responses to “Fit Friday // Consistency and Sustainability

  1. During the week I try to get up and out of the house for my run before I’m fully awake. This way I don’t think about it until I’m already doing it. If I leave it until the afternoon I’ve had all day to think up excuses! I find holidays hard because I get out of my rhythm. It’s a constant battle toremain consistent!

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