What is Sabbath for? // Preparation


Where did [Adam] stand in relation to that rest of God? Adam, we are told, was created on the sixth day. Clearly then, he had no part in those first six days of work, for he came into being only at their end. God’s seventh day was, in fact, Adam’s first. Where God worked six days and then enjoyed his Sabbath rest. Adam began his life with the Sabbath; for God works before his rest, while man must first enter into God’s rest, and then alone can he work.
 — Watchman Nee in his book Sit, Walk, Stand

 Did you get snarky when you read that? Is it possible that you think that you don’t need to depend on God to get you through the week? I can understand that reaction…I’ve been there…what am I saying? I still go there…I am human; it’s in my nature to want to go it alone. It’s the part of this cult of self-reliance that we’ve been born into in the modern western world, and it’s NOT where God wants us to be. He knows that he can make our lives so much richer and more fulfilling than anything we will ever dream up for ourselves. But for that to happen it takes a decision on our part to surrender completely…not just little bits and pieces here and there.

COMPLETE surrender.

Think about what that means. Anne Jackson says this:

We cannot be dependent on ourselves and on God at the same time. When we consider the practice of rest unnecessary, we also inevitably lose sight of the necessity of God.

As I mentioned in my last post, this Sabbath rest lets us sort through all of the thousands of pieces of information that bombard us each week and weed out the things that aren’t aligned with the truths and principles that we live by. And the thing about humans is that if we are not intentional about doing this refocussing activity we are prone to drift away from God. Godly rest allows us to be tough and resilient if we have laser focus on our life’s purpose.

God put Adam into the garden for a purpose – to work it and take care of it, and He gave him some instructions. God does the same for each of us. It’s our job as followers of God to be His arms and legs in this world, and He’s given us a guidebook. Our purpose is to represent God on earth. For us to do that we have to constantly make sure we are on track and on purpose. Being sure of our purpose in life makes it easier to make both large and small decisions, and it ties into our energy and motivation.

Let me leave you with this encouragement for the weekend ahead:

..come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest…
 — Jesus in Mark 6:31

 Will you surrender and let God direct your life?

2 responses to “What is Sabbath for? // Preparation

  1. Sweet quote from Watchman Nee–good stuff. Thanks for sharing this great insight. Keep up the blogging 🙂

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