Fit Friday //#FAIL

failConfession:: I didn’t do my Fit Friday post last week because I was depressed about my weight.

Confession 2:: I nearly didn’t do it today either for the same reason.

Physical health, fitness and the associated control of what goes into my mouth is where I fail most often in my attempts to live a godly life. This failure of self-control is sin. I’m not going to sugar-coat it. It’s a sin in the same way that adultery or stealing are sins.

My body is the temple of God…I am defiling it by letting it get overloaded and unkempt.

My life is to be the embodiment of Christ in this world…I’m pretty sure God is not obese.

Our physical selves are often ignored as part of the whole picture of who we are in Christ. Our overeating or lack of healthy habits is ignored in favour of the “more” spiritual acts of bible study and prayer. In reality these things must be balanced.

I think that this area of our lives is one of the biggest strongholds of the enemy in today’s world, and I am struggling with it.

On my escape from Mad Church Disease, this is the next frontier…time to circle the wagons and jump into the fight with both feet.

Do you struggle with the same things? Is this a stronghold in your life?


5 responses to “Fit Friday //#FAIL

  1. Hi Michelle.

    I disagree. I’d encourage you to stop looking at the failure of self-control as a sin. That way leads to self-condemnation and madness.

    Therefore, no condemnation now exists for those in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1, HSBC).

    Self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Tend the garden, and allow the Spirit to move. Allow for the fact that fruit takes time to grow.

    Don’t condemn yourself because the fruit isn’t ripe in your life yet. Just allow it to grow.

    In a practical sense, accept that you’ll fail from time to time, but it’s small decisions each day that make up the big change.

    Trust me on that 😉

    • Hi Warwick, thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to comment. I agree with everything you’ve written, except for your first paragraph. 🙂 Perhaps the lack of self control *itself* is not a sin, but it leads directly to sin…Murder is a failure in self control, adultery is a failure in self control, robbery is a failure in self control, overeating and slowly killing my body is a failure in self control and a sin. Sin is anything that gets between us and God, overeating and having an unhealthy physical body severely limits me and in some cases completely stops me from fulfilling my God-given purpose. Unless I identify it and deal with it as sin, then I will continue to be entrapped by it. That doesn’t negate God’s grace, it just means that I have to lean on Him all the more to get victory over this behemoth.

  2. Your weight problem, if you truly have one, may not be about self control at all. It might be that you are eating foods that make you hungry or give you cravings. It could be that you are genetically disposed to be a ‘fatten easily’ and you have to fly in the face of the party line on what a healthy diet is because it doesn’t fit you. I think we are all uniquely made and the diet information or current healthy diet that is suggested for all, is in fact only for some. Some of us fair much better on a different type of food plan. Apart from that I agree with your post.

    • Hi Bernie, I am clinically obese and need to lose about 20kgs. I’ve tried all manner of different eating plans over the past 10 years. Many of them work for a time, but I struggle to stick with them for any length of time. Whatever the root cause of my upolstered exterior, I am still responsible for controlling what goes in my mouth.

  3. Michelle Neate

    Mick, I kind of know and see where you are coming from. Weight is something most of us struggle with. However, don’t beat yourself up about it. I obsessed about my weight for years, even when I wasn’t overweight I was still scared I would put on weight because of my lack of self control when it came to chocolate and my lack of discipline when it came to exercise. Then one day someone took a photo of me getting into a spa and I freaked out when I saw how big my backside and legs were. I decided that it was time to take control of the situation. But I didn’t go on a “diet” or take up an unrealastic exercise program. I changed things to fit into my lifestyle so as it wouldn’t be such a drastic change that I couldn’t keep up with it. I also threw my scales out. I know myself if I have put on or lost weight, but that is not the important bit, its whether I am happy and healthy. I am not always good but I have found it easier to forgive myself and move on. I am now only a kilo or two overweight and that is mostly because I don’t exercise as much in winter.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that living a healthy lifestyle (I don’t like the term “losing weight”) shouldn’t be a chore, make it fun and make it fit in with who you are. It can be done.

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